Snapchat: “Create Your Own Lens” Feature Creates Opportunities

Snapchat launches feature where users can make their own lenses, which may end up benefiting agencies.

As announced on the company’s website, Snapchat has officially rolled out a new feature wherein users can create their own custom lenses and filters. This update marks a trend of social platforms becoming more self-serve and creative forward, which at first glance might be worrisome to agencies who have been gatekeepers for some of these more advanced…

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Star Wars Themed Hotel: Is A New Experiential Trend Coming?

Star Wars themed hotel could usher in an era of experiential hotels.

As reported by the franchise’s official website, new details about Disney’s Star Wars themed hotel have been revealed, and it’s being described as a “journey through space” where “everyone boards a starship and departs together for a multi-day Star Wars adventure.” If this proves to be a massive money-maker (and we certainly believe that it will be), then…

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Viacom Acquires VidCon: Who Will Be Affected?

Viacom acquires VidCon. TVG weighs in.

As reported by Variety, Viacom has officially acquired VidCon. This acquisition is part of a larger strategy to expand VidCon both internationally and domestically. Needless to say, we’re all about bringing things to the next level with the conference… but we’re also wondering how this will impact the experiential marketplace. Will the makeup of exhibitors at…

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