20th Century Fox Home Entertainment sought to invade San Diego Comic-Con 2018 with a booth activation that would celebrate the upcoming digital/blu-ray release of Deadpool 2 whilst catching the attention and excitement of SDCC attendees in the crowded convention center. The Visionary Group achieved Fox’s goal by creating an instantaneously viral Chuck E. Cheese style party featuring an animatronic version of Deadpool, accompanied by his “Super Duper Band.”



The Visionary Group partnered with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to create a custom Deadpool animatronic to lead a band of the authentic ShowBiz Pizza animatronics (known as the Rock-afire Explosion) in a wacky concert performance featuring memorable songs from Deadpool 2. When not rocking out to the band, booth attendees were treated to exclusive t-shirt giveaways, and they had opportunities to pre-order DP2 on digital/blu-ray.



The Visionary Group worked alongside their in-house fabrication shop White Walls Fabrication to create a custom prize display case, custom POS bar station featuring storage for Deadpool 2 pre-orders, and a custom push-thru stage banner.



TVG handled creative/concept ideation, renderings, stage design, sourcing & collaborating with animatronics vendors, custom fabrication, graphics, signage & illustrations, and on-site management of booth including brand ambassadors, queue lines, pre-orders, and prize giveaways.



Deadpool’s Super Duper Dance Party was very well received by the team at Fox, including Ryan Reynolds himself who thanked us for making his animatronic dreams come true. The activation received praise from SDCC booth attendees, as well as the San Diego Comic-Con floor managers and staff who voted the Dance Party as their favorite booth of 2018. Additionally, the booth received overwhelmingly positive coverage from event and entertainment publications, including The LA Times that highlighted it as one of the best booths from the exhibition hall floor.