In promotion of Facebook Watch’s new streaming series Sacred Lies, Fandom envisioned an escape room that would bring viewers into the macabre and cult-like universe of the show. The Visionary Group was tapped to conceive and build a San Diego Comic-Con experience surrounding the property, featuring an immersive escape room and a showcase for exclusive 360 content from the show to be viewed on Oculus Go virtual reality headsets.



The Visionary Group teamed up with an expert puzzle maker to create a unique escape room experience – an “escape room in reverse,” featuring mini-games and puzzles that introduced participants to key elements and themes from the series. The experience culminated in an unsettling ceremony wherein people were indoctrinated into the show’s cult-like Kevinian “Community” as a means of escaping the room.



The Visionary Group worked alongside their in-house fabrication shop White Walls Fabrication to custom build key components of the escape room and the Oculus Go tent/demo kiosks.



The Visionary Group handled all aspects of production on this experience, building the entire experience from the ground up and providing expert onsite management to ensure that the entire activation ran seamlessly and smoothly for all.



The Sacred Lies Escape Room Experience achieved our client’s goal of spreading awareness about Facebook Watch’s new streaming series in a big way. Over 2,700 people attended the activation, and thousands more were introduced to the show through a street team of Kevinian community members who roamed Comic-Con performing staged water rituals, exclaiming incantations, and handing out branded bags and series/event fliers. The activation was named one of the “Most Creative Brand Activations” of SDCC 2018 by Biz Bash, and it was listed as one of “The Best Film and TV Activations Worth the Wait” by IndieWire.