Fyre Fraud: Hulu’s New Original Documentary Explores An Epic Music Festival Failure

Hulu releases Fyre Fraud documentary about failed music festival. Hulu has just released an original documentary entitled Fyre Fraud, which the streaming service is describing as “a true-crime comedy exploring a failed music festival turned internet meme at the nexus of social media influence, late-stage capitalism, and morality in the post-truth era.” The film is an insightful, entertaining, and frankly terrifying look at a breathtakingly disastrous attempt at putting on a festival that Hulu has (rightfully) called “the defining scam of the millennial generation.”

Given our extensive experience working in the world of festivals and live events, this one was tough for us to get through. There were so many moments where we wanted to just jump into the TV screen and make everything okay. Alas, our only recourse was to grip tightly onto the arms of our couch and keep on watching. Fortunately, the doc was actually really good, otherwise we would never have been able to stomach it. As another positive, it serves as a cautionary tale on what you should (and should never) do when putting on a festival. For starters, it is absolutely crucial to work with realistic and transparent partners who are experts that won’t sell you on something that they’re incapable of delivering on (excuse us while we partake in a few deep breaths..).

You can check out the Fyre Fraud trailer HERE.

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