TVG at SDCC: Our Experiential Experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

We’re no strangers to Comic-Con. Our previous activations at SDCC have ranged from our intensely immersive Suicide Squad showcase to our walker-filled Walking Dead event. We’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all, but we must say – we were very impressed by the 2017 efforts!

The Visionary Group’s contribution to SDCC 2017 included a booth that we produced for ABC, which housed holograms and immersive 360 experiences for the network’s top new and returning shows: Once Upon a Time and The Crossing. We built the booth specifically so that we could swap content daily, and as far as we can tell, we’re the first ones to create an entire booth designed to seamlessly feature multiple IP without requiring structural changes to be made to it.

Our presence at SDCC also included the Screen Junkies Central Party, which we produced for Defy Media at House of Blues. The event featured a live taping of a segment with celebrity guests Kevin Smith and Elijah Wood (Silent Bob and Frodo Baggins on a panel together?! Can’t beat that!).

Following the taping, we hosted a party fit for a hobbit (Sorry, Elijah!), which featured an exclusive movie trivia game, two themed photo booths, caricature artists that turned guests into superheroes, and our special guest DJ Wooden Wisdom! (otherwise known as Elijah Wood)

Other SDCC activations that blew us away included:

The Blade Runner 2049 Experience – Through the magic of Oculus VR technology and D-Box motion simulator seats, we chased a rogue replicant through the skies of dystopian futuristic L.A., and then we were transported into a faithful, physical recreation of the streets of the Blade Runner universe. We enjoyed chowing down on the iconic Noodle Bar noodles, and those vials of Johnnie Walker whisky were pretty fantastic as well. All in all, an extremely immersive and exciting experience! Props to Warner Bros. and Giant Spoon for putting this all together!

The Walking Dead’s “Deadquarters” – We were left absolutely awestruck by AMC and Cre808’s outdoor Deadquarters activation, featuring real-life walker encounters and a batting cage housing the one and only Lucille! (if you don’t know who Lucille is, Google her at your own risk…)

Other noteworthy activations included Warner Bros.’ recreation of the iconic Big Bang Theory living room, HBO’s Game of Thrones: Winter is Here experience, the Westworld orientation + saloon experience, and the dystopian anti-mutant propaganda plastered on buildings and trains promoting Fox’s The Gifted.

 Thanks for all the memories, Comic-Con! (And thanks for the zombie-ridden nightmares as well!)