TVG’s Stuart Fingerhut Gives Back At Career Day

The Visionary Group’s Design Director Stuart Fingerhut had the pleasure of being invited to speak during Career Day at Augustus Hawkins’ Critical Design and Gaming School (CDAGS) in Los Angeles. Always enthusiastic about an opportunity to give back and spread knowledge, Stuart took a break from his numerous projects to enlighten the students on the ins and outs of his career path.

During his presentation, the students were fascinated to discover that Stuart has created designs that have been implemented into concerts, auto shows, and conventions including Comic-Con. They asked Stuart a variety of questions relating to his career, such as “what do you love about your career?”, “what is your working environment like?”, and “how important is math at your job?” (spoiler alert – it’s important!)

Stuart explained to the students that he loves his job because he loves bringing ideas to life. He told them that he has a great work environment, which is high energy and filled with dogs. As for math, he told them how it’s critical when thinking about scale as it pertains to his design work.

As Stuart wrapped up his presentation, he left the students with the following words of career wisdom, which seemed to truly resonate with them:

“You guys are in the most exciting time of your lives. If you have an idea, it would be silly for you not to pursue it. The entire world can be your audience.”