Thatcher Creber: My Visionary Internship

Hey! I am the most recent graduate of The Visionary Group’s Internship Program, and I wanted to shed some light on my experience for any potential applicants!

First, some background on myself: I am a 21-year-old Chicago native and a rising senior at Miami University with a knack for event production. While in school, I have created and produced two separate annual charity events, which have raised over 25K on campus. This past year, I ran a student body presidential campaign, worked as an event production intern for Maek Record Label in Chicago and served on the executive board of my fraternity.

As an intern at The Visionary Group, you will know within the first week exactly why TVG is such a noteworthy company. The employees are compassionate, witty, hardworking and very relatable. The office fosters a work environment that is consistently enjoyable, while remaining very productive. Nevertheless, as an intern, there is a heavy demand for your time. I guarantee the hard work you put in as an intern at TVG will be accompanied by plenty of reward.

During my two month stint at TVG, I experienced all the physical components of bringing an event to life. From sourcing venues to sitting in on design meetings, an intern’s daily routine at TVG is rarely the same. While sometimes tedious, office work gives you an essential taste of how TVG’s unique events are created, managed and completed. A special perk of being an intern is you get to work events if a team needs an extra hand. This summer, I was able to work an album release party for the band Washed Out, I helped run Nickelodeon’s Summer Camp party, and I facilitated a charity event alongside Matthew McConaughey. Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to spend time with the team over at White Walls Fabrication, and I ventured to the offices of Defy Media, ABC, PMK*BNC, Fullscreen Media, and Nickelodeon.

My time at TVG has helped me realize that women do not enjoy men in flip flops, work is more fun with dogs running around, and paper cuts run deep. As for my future, I plan on continuing to run charity events while at school, and I plan to pursue a career in event production post graduation.


Thatcher Creber