Apple Becomes The First-Ever Company In The U.S. To Hit $1 Trillion In Market Value

Apple is first U.S. company to hit a $1 trillion market valuation.As reported by CNBC (and basically every financial publication out there), Apple has just become the first U.S. company on the market to hit a valuation of $1 trillion. This milestone follows a huge June quarter for Apple, wherein they earned “record revenue of $9.55 billion.” Analysts have credited the company’s “growing software and services revenue” with bringing the market value to this monumental level.

We realize there are a multitude of factors that bring a company like this to such a tremendous valuation, but one that stands out to us is Apple’s commitment to creative and innovative marketing. As we mentioned when Apple was featured in Forbes’ 2018 list of The World’s Most Valuable Brands, we were pretty thoroughly wowed by the company’s experiential “Today At Apple”┬áprogram, which provided educational and enriching in-store experiences to all 495 of their retail locations.

As more companies fall victim to the Retailpocalypse, Apple is embracing experiential in an effort to enhance the in-store aspect of their brand’s overall footprint – and that is helping them thrive. $1 trillion is a staggering number, but we’ve gotta give credit where credit’s due – Apple deserves it. They make a wide variety of wonderful products, and they get consumers excited about (and educated on) their offerings with thoughtful and widespread experiential programs. They are doing all the right things, and it’s paying off – big time.