BuzzFeed Goes Retail With Its First Experiential Store In NYC

BuzzFeed is opening a retail experiential store in NYC.As reported by Ad Age, BuzzFeed is opening its first-ever “brick and mortar” store called “Camp” – an NYC-based experiential store geared towards millennial families. Camp launches on December 15, and it will feature rotating products and customer experiences that “appeal to millennial parents and their children.” Design-wise, Camp is being described as “a general store with surprise and delight ideas aimed at kids, such as holes where they can reach in and pull out products and a secret doorway leading to an event space.”┬áHead of BuzzFeed Commerce Ben Kaufman commented further on the experiential nature of the store, saying “Kids love adventure and we want to deliver adventure every time they come to the store.”

During a time when major retail chains are struggling to survive, it’s refreshing and exciting to see so many companies PURPOSELY launching physical retail stores. It goes to show that retail is NOT dead – but it IS changing. In the new era of retail, the stores that offer the best customer experiences will be poised to reign supreme. Sure, big box giants like Walmart and Target might be able to get away with keeping things pretty much the same for a little while longer, but for everyone else – it’s going to become essential to provide something special and unique to remain competitive (and relevant).