Disney: Will The Studio Embrace Experiential In Promotion Of Its Upcoming Streaming Service?

Disney preps to launch its upcoming streaming service.As reported by The New York Times, Disney is hard at work preparing for the launch of its streaming service, which is being playfully referred to as “Disneyflix” by the Hollywood crowd. There are still many unknowns, but the NYT report indicates that the service will launch late next year, it’ll be totally family-friendly, it’ll feature an extensive library of catalog films and shows, it’ll feature exclusive/original TV and film content, and it’s being led creatively by Ricky Strauss – an executive who’s spent six years as president of marketing for Walt Disney Studios.

Given Strauss’s high profile marketing experience, we’re very curious to see how he chooses to promote the launch of Disneyflix. While he’s got a hugely recognizable and revered brand to work with, he still has an uphill battle as he needs to convince consumers who are already paying for other streaming services why they should switch to (or ALSO subscribe to) Disney’s service. Making matters even more challenging, other prominent brands such as Apple are gearing up to launch their own streaming services, providing Disney with even more competition in an already highly competitive space.

On our end, we’d recommend that Disneyflix go full experiential with their initial marketing push. With Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, The Muppets, and the studios’ classic animated fare, Disney has so many ultra-popular franchises that they can highlight in creative and compelling ways to spread the word about their new service. Whether it be a traveling Insta Museum where consumers can immerse themselves in the universes of Disney’s most loved properties or lavishly branded pop-up movie theater-style screening events featuring Disneyflix content, the studio needs to go big in their efforts to show people why their service is an absolute must-have.

FYI, we would enthusiastically sign up for an entire year of Disneyflix – on the spot – in exchange for an opportunity to watch¬†Star Wars¬†in a custom fabricated Millennium Falcon. Just sayin’…