Disney Pops Up In Honor Of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary

Disney pops up in honor of Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary.

In honor of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, Disney has announced that they’ll be opening Mickey: The True Original Exhibition, which the company is describing as an “immersive, pop-up art exhibition inspired by Mickey’s status as a ‘true original’ and his global impact on popular culture and art.” The pop-up will be the centerpiece of a “90-day countdown” campaign featuring “new brand and product collaborations spanning fashion, food, consumer electronics, toys, accessories and more.” The campaign will also be complemented with a year-long celebration in Disney parks worldwide “honoring the deep connection that families and fans have made with Mickey and Minnie Mouse for nearly a century.”

As we’ve mentioned previously, it is all about pop-ups these days (especially with millennials), and we think Disney is making a very smart move by going full Insta-Museum with this new exhibition. This is an effective, organic way to get the word out about Disney’s product offerings surrounding Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, whilst also bringing in revenue for the company (exhibition tickets are $38 / person). This tactic is additionally compelling because it focuses on a specific character in Disney’s expansive universe. If this proves to be a hit, the company can easily launch follow-up pop-ups celebrating anniversaries of other iconic characters (aside from the mice) including Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, and many, many, MANY more.

Happy anniversary, Mickey! We wish you a wonderful (and profitable) celebration…