Touring Brands Aiming To Attract Millennials May Want To Bring Their Show To The Suburbs

Touring brands aiming to attract millennials may want to hit the suburbs. Millennials tend to be a highly sought-after demographic for brands engaging in experiential tours. In an effort to attract larger audiences from this age group, brands often select highly populated locations in major cities when creating their touring schedules. While this is certainly a solid strategy in terms of ensuring substantial overall attendance numbers, it may not be the way to attract the most millennials, as a new Ernst & Young study (reported by CNBC) indicates that “more millennials are buying homes in the suburbs than in cities.”

Aside from homeowners, the research shows that “38 percent of millenials live in the suburbs,” whether they rent OR own, which is a slightly higher number than the 37% who live in cities. All of this being said, there are still lots and lots of millennials who are working and living in cities, so it would be remiss to say that touring brands should AVOID cities altogether. It would not be remiss for brands to understand that their target audience of millennials can be found in increasingly large numbers in the suburbs – so they may want to make sure they are supplementing their city-centric tour schedules by hitting some of the larger suburbs out there (or at least cities located nearby those larger suburbs).

…Plenty of mall and big box retail store parking lots in suburban towns. Just sayin’…