GNC Is The Latest Retailer To Open An Experiential Store

GNC opens an experiential retail store.As reported by GlobeNewswire via Nasdaq, global health and wellness brand GNC has announced the opening of an experiential retail store in Pittsburgh, PA. The company’s EVP of Operations Joe Gorman commented on the store opening, saying “this experiential store represents the continuous innovation and consumer-focused mindset that is the foundation of GNC. We are focused on providing a personalized approach to wellness and now GNC consumers have the opportunity to experience this firsthand and connect with us in a truly customized way.”

Experiential elements of the new store include a GNC Smoothie Lab, an “InBody Body Composition Analyzer” where shoppers can “gain insights on [their] health and find the right solutions for [their] lifestyle,” and Registered Dietitian Consultations that will “provide free consultations to help [shoppers] develop a customized plan tailored” to their specific health goals.

We’ve been paying close attention to the rise of experiential stores, and we’re increasingly convinced that it’s not simply a trend – but it’s where the future of retail as a whole is headed. Whether it beĀ toy stores, online retailers, beauty retailers, or brands that are totally new to retail, it’s all moving in this direction. In the case of health/wellness, everybody has different needs, and it strikes us as especially pertinent to offer in-store experiences that are centered around personalization, such as those highlighted above.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – retail is not dead, but it is changing…