The North Face Pops WAY Up At 7,000 Feet!

The North Face pops up on a mountain at 7,000 feet.As reported by BizBash, outdoor apparel/gear company The North Face launched a pop-up shop nearly 7,000 feet up a mountain in the Italian Alps! The pop-up was part of TNF’s Mountain Festival in Val San Nicolo, Italy, which describes itself as a “festival for explorers.” Hikers who braved the 7K climb had the opportunity to check out a showcase featuring TNF’s Pinnacle Archives, which include “a collection of products worn by big-name explorers like Alex Honnold, Conrad Anker, Simone Moro, and Caroline Ciavaldini.” Interested parties could bid on the featured items through a charitable online auction on the fundraising platform CharityStars.

We are in experiential excitement overload with this one! The North Face created their own festival AND they launched a pop-up at their festival – 7,000 feet up the side of a mountain – and they even managed to include a prominent charitable component! This is major win for TNF on several levels:

– They are poised to nail it with millennial crowds, who are all about pop-ups (especially creative ones like this)

– They’re also appealing to Generation Z, who respond very well to cause marketing

– The pop-up makes for incredible promotional content creation (the YouTube video has over 1.3 million views!)

– Both the pop-up itself and the festival are sources of revenue for TNF (festival tix are €149 or $173)

Needless to say, every pop-up doesn’t have to be quite as epic as this one, but brands should always task themselves with creating an experience for consumers that expands past the confines of the physical space in memorable and compelling ways.