What Better Way To Celebrate Thanksgiving Than With A 500-Pound Can Of Cranberry Sauce?

Ocean Spray debuts a 500-pound cranberry sauce can for Thanksgiving.Would you like light meat or dark meat with this experiential stunt?

As reported by AListDaily, Ocean Spray teamed up with Ripley’s Believe it or Not! in NYC’s Times Square to debut a gigantic 500-pound can of cranberry sauce! The can is 3 ft. high and 2 ft. wide, and guests are encouraged to take photos on a platform next to it. And yes – for anybody who might be wondering, the can actually IS filled with cranberry sauce – enough to feed 3,000+ guests!

In conjunction with this physical attraction, Ocean Spray has been hosting what appears to be a contest, wherein it’s asking its followers on social media “whether consumers use the can lines embedded in their jellied sauce as a slicing guide or if they just scoop it.” Needless to say, the correct answer is to just scoop it, but we respect and appreciate differing opinions that other cranberry sauce consumers might have on the subject. We also respect Ocean Spray for finding a fresh and fun way to get people talking about cranberry sauce! It’s sort of a given that people will purchase this food item for Thanksgiving, BUT this serves as a great way to ensure that consumers go for Ocean Spray (versus a less fun & memorable competitor) when they notice it on the shelf!

Have a happy and experiential Thanksgiving, everyone!