Online Retailers Are Popping Up In New York City In A Big Way

New research indicates that New York City is the #1 location where online retailers are popping up.JLL’s Retail research team has published a new report exploring a growing trend of online retailers opening physical stores. The findings indicate that these e-commerce businesses will be opening 850 physical locations in the next five years. Diving deeper, the report highlights online retailers’ habits of launching pop-up shops before opening permanent physical stores. According to the research, 59.5% of online retailers launch their first pop-up shops in New York City, followed by Los Angeles at 16.2% and then Toronto at 5.4%.

On our end, we’re not surprised to see that NYC is the #1 destination where online retailers want to pop-up. It’s a high income city chock full of dense foot traffic, and it has proven itself to be conducive to successful pop-up experiences. Combine this information with recent studies highlighting pop-ups as an effective way to attract millennial shoppers, and it becomes clear why online retailers are pursuing pop-ups on a larger scale.

We’ve had wonderful experiences popping up in New York, and we’re glad that so many others are on the same wavelength. We look forward to seeing what’s next for pop-ups in NYC as more and more online retailers go brick-and mortar (or “clicks-to-bricks” as the industry is calling this trend…)