Orangetheory Is Bringing Pop-Up Gyms To Hilton Hotels

Orangetheory bringing pop-up gyms to Hilton hotels.As reported by Digiday, the latest company to jump onboard the pop-up train is Orangetheory – a fitness franchise that launched its first pop-up gym at Hilton / Waldorf Astoria’s Boca Raton Resort and Club in Florida. The company’s chief brand officer Kevin Keith commented on the strategy behind the pop-up format, saying “from a brand perspective, it’s an influencer hub. We are hand-selecting the best coaches who have earned their popularity and bringing them to the pop-up to attract others.” Along with a prominent influencer component, the pop-up’s features include emerging connected fitness technology integrations, exclusive fitness/spa experiences,  and interactive social components surrounding the physical pop-up, including Instagram/social media contests wherein followers can win free hotel stays.

On our end, we are avid supporters of the pop-up format, and we’ve been excited to see so many companies from so many different industries embracing it. From Facebook’s small business pop-up to the super fun Flamin’ Hot Cheetos restaurant to that epic North Face pop-up that was launched at 7,000 feet, brands are doing innovative things in an effort to get consumers to come out and interact with them in physical environments. With so many state-of-the-art and exclusive components that far exceed anything that one might expect from a typical hotel workout room, we are confident that Orangetheory’s pop-up experiment will effectively build brand excitement and gym membership numbers, whilst proving to be an attractive feature/amenity for Hilton Hotels.