Pillsbury Attracts Moviegoers With A Mouth-Watering Sensory Experience

Pillsbury Attracts Moviegoers With A Mouth-Watering Sensory ExperienceAs reported by Ad Age, Pillsbury has launched a new sensory campaign at a series of movie theaters across the U.S., wherein the scent of cinnamon rolls is emitted into theaters in conjunction with an advertisement playing before popular family films including The Grinch. This tactic, which is reminiscent of 50s/60s era gimmicks such as “Smell-O-Vision,” is made possible through a technology utilized by ad company Screenvision Media. Pillsbury’s goal of this overall campaign is to “spark sales for its refrigerated dough by linking cinnamon roll smells to holiday memories.”

All jokes and Smell-O-Vision references aside, Pillsbury’s marketing tactic is indicative of a larger movement towards attracting audiences and consumers with sensory experiences. We reported on a large scale example of this back in May, as The Madison Square Garden Company and Las Vegas Sands announced The MSG Sphere Las Vegas – an 18,000-set multi-sensory arena set to open in 2020 (and yes, it will also cater to attendees’ sense of smell). We’ve also seen this marketing approach highlighted through some of Hershey’s latest experiential offerings, and we’d be remiss to leave out the ESSENCE x Toyota Sensory Wonderland.

As more and more brands veer away from relying on traditional advertising, it’s no surprise that they’re testing out novel ways of connecting with consumers and audiences through more than just two of the five senses. In Pillsbury’s case, if they really want to solidify some sales, they should have BAs hand out actual, freshly cooked cinnamon rolls to moviegoers. Never underestimate engaging that sense of taste…