Spirituality: New Study Says That This Is The Key To Connecting With Millennials And Gen Z

New Vice study indicates that millennials and gen zers want more spirituality in their lives.As reported by AdWeek, a new Vice-led study found that 80% of Millennials and Gen Zers retain a sense of spirituality, and it indicated that 7 out of 10 respondents are looking for spirituality in their lives. According to the study, they believe in “some sort of cosmic power” but they do not ascribe to traditional religion.

Vice’s Chief Creative and Commercial Officer Tom Punch opened up about these findings, saying “we have always preached that brands should be virtuous—contributing to culture scenes and political discourses rather than interrupting them with ad messages. We now think brands should take a step further, thinking more broadly about what their role is in society and how they can truly be a force for good in people’s lives.”

Brands looking to connect with consumers on a spiritual level should seriously consider implementing experiential marketing tactics to do so. Whether it be a meaningful shared music-centric experience, a rejuvenating meditative event, or a self-care-focused group fitness retreat, there are countless ways in which brands can effectively promote their offerings whilst helping the Millennial and Gen Z crowd in their efforts to “take care of their soul.”

And on that note, we cue the Enya…