TVG Inspo: Liquid Shard

Amidst the polluted air and packed streets of downtown Los Angeles, a gigantic installation of epidemic proportions seemed to have miraculously risen above Pershing Square overnight.

(via Huffington Post)
Commissioned by LA’s Recreation and Parks Department Liquid Shard, a collaborative public installation by L.A.-based artist Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics. The installation was on display from July 28 through August 11, 2016. The 15,000 square foot installation hovers between 15 and 115 feet above Pershing Square, and is made up of two layers of holographic Mylar connected with monofilament that shimmers and sparkle in the wind, mimicking a school of fish. The iridescent wind-activated sculpture was conceptualized with an untraditional design approach, rejecting traditionally trendy design concepts that have plagued the existing design of the park.

(via Youtube)

Using an enormous piece of art to revive a well-worn area of the city carries an artistically charged message. This sculpture directly engages the surrounding community and invites them to participate in the evolution of Perishing Square itself. The sculpture promotes social sharing which in turn forms a closer bond between the community and area by forming memorable experiences. If a singular event can form a genuine and positive emotional.