Virtual Reality: Are Consumers Losing Interest In VR?

New report indicates that consumers may be losing interest in VR.According to a report by Thinknum, consumers appear to be losing interest in virtual reality. These findings derive from sales rank data associated with the top four VR headsets available for purchase on Amazon, including offerings from HTC,┬áSamsung, Sony, and Oculus (owned by Facebook). The report indicates that the sales rankings for ALL of these brands’ headsets have been on a significant decline ever since they were released.

While the numbers don’t lie, we are very much of the mindset that there will be a renewed enthusiasm for virtual reality as brands utilize the format in increasingly innovative and interactive ways. For example, Oculus’s VENUES live experiences app allows users to enjoy live events whilst wearing VR headsets in the comfort of their own homes. This app addresses (or at least begins to address) one of the large complaints that you hear about VR, which is that people have to do it by themselves. It’s not a shared experience…until it is. The VENUES app is a step in the right direction, and as the technology gets better, it’s going to be compelling and exciting for people to enter the virtual world alongside friends, family, and total strangers.

In the meanwhile, whilst we wait for the world of Ready Player One to become a reality, we’ll continue to be proponents of VR for live events and experiences. Consumers may not be coming out in droves to purchase virtual reality headsets for hundreds of dollars…but they’ll always jump at an opportunity to try out VR for free – especially if they’re with friends so they can watch each others’ reactions