Clorox’s CMO Says Marketing Will Be ‘Less Obvious’ In The Future

Clorox CMO says marketing will be 'less obvious' in the future. As reported by Adweek, Clorox Company CMO Eric Reynolds spoke on the future of marketing at the 2018 ANA Masters of Marketing conference. He shared meaningful insights on the subject, saying “we have to be better about making [marketing] matter to people,” and that “it’s going to be all about getting the right people to have the right conversations. There will be more marketing, but it’ll be less obvious. It’ll be more inside people’s lives. People are going to be going to their trusted networks for information, not their traditional media.”

We could not possibly agree more that marketing will (and should be) less obvious in the future. As experiential marketers, we’re devoted to creating meaningful brand experiences that help companies connect with consumers on a much deeper level. To successfully accomplish such an undertaking, the sell should NOT be obvious – it should come about organically. Winning over the consumer with a compelling and memorable experience has got to be priority number one – every time. Once that goal has been achieved, they will be vastly more amenable (and enthusiastic) about pursuing next steps in the brand/consumer relationship, be it sharing personal information, making a purchase, connecting on social media, or all of the above.

Here’s to a great, big, beautiful (and unobvious) tomorrow for the world of marketing!