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Artwork from LA Art Show

From Afrofuturistic multisensory environments to macabre clown face entry tunnels, every day our design team is tasked to flex their creative muscles in eclectic and challenging ways. In such a fast paced, multifaceted work environment, it’s crucial that our team is always inspired to take things to the next level on any (and every) one of their projects.

In an effort to keep their inspo-bank perpetually filled, our Creative Director Stuart Fingerhut has implemented “field trips,” wherein our design team visits art exhibitions, museums, and other locations that will provide them with an opportunity to look at things differently.

When asked what has inspired them the most during these recent field trips, our Senior Designer Daniel Alajajian had the following to say:

“The use of materials and colors by different artists always broadens our perspective on what can be designed and executed for our clients. Seeing how different exhibit spaces and artists display their work helps us think about how we can incorporate some of those display methods in interesting ways. Regardless of subject matter – it’s nice to spend time outside of the office applying the questions that we have on a daily basis to curated and current topics.”

Sculpture from Palm Springs Museum

And here’s our Experiential Designer Nicole Furuta on how the art they witness during these field trips influences their work:

“The most direct influence is the means and methods of production. We don’t emulate the methods of production per se, but we try to achieve similar effects with cost efficient processes. It almost becomes a ‘what not to do’ or ‘achieve the look for less’ scenario. Also it allows us to elevate our quality of work to a conversation and design discourse that’s happening within the creative community.”

Sculptures from Diane Rosenstein Gallery

Our Junior Graphic Designer Miriam Silva had the following to say on sharing field trip experiences with the world on social media:

“We think sharing photos from our field trips is super important. Every designer captures different details with their design eye. Also, it’s a way to survey what a potential photo-op can be, and how it will translate for marketing/social media.”

Hot Wheels exhibit at LA Auto Show

While these field trips have been significant and inspiring for our team, we wanted to know what they would recommend to other designers looking for inspiration, to which they had the following collective advice:

“We would encourage designers to look heavily into the contemporary art world because technology and modern methods make for the most interesting work in this arena. Blogs such as Dezeen, Design Milk, Knstrct, and Yellowtrace do a great job covering current publications and shows all over the globe.

We also love spending time looking at magazines like Surface, Wallpaper and MARK – and we follow those publications on social media for visually stimulating content.

Visiting local galleries always has a surprise element to it as well because you see what designers and creatives around you are doing who probably have access to similar resources and environments.”

Display at Light Show West

Finally, here’s Daniel again on what’s next on their agenda – what they’re looking forward to seeing during future field trips:

“We look forward to visiting more of the smaller galleries that empower local artists. The local galleries have been a revelation to us through this process. These are places we have often passed by and not made the effort to visit. Getting to know their collections and interests has definitely broadened the type of work on our own radar. We also look forward to visiting more conventions like the Light Expo and LA Auto Show to see how different vendors represent their brands on the show floors. Seeing the highlight moments at the more commercial events helps us point out our client needs and elements that we should focus our energy on.”  

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