Stuart Fingerhut: TVG’s Design Director On Display

The Visionary Group's design director Stuart Fingerhut pictured in image next to one of his modern wall sculptures.After spending his days immersed in design work for clients, taking his team on field trips, and giving back to the community at large, you might think that our Design Director Stuart Fingerhut would be inclined to spend his evenings relaxing or doing something mindless. As it turns out, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Stuart is constantly creating, and even the briefest glance at his Instagram page will show you that this is someone totally committed to his craft – and that the art / design community is paying close attention.

Image of Stuart Fingerhut's sculpture entitled Cosmic Gate 001, which is a design piece on display at The Vast Lab's Petite Small Works show.
Cosmic Gate 001 – on display at The Vast Lab’s Petite Small Works show

Currently, Stuart has three sculptures on display at The Vast Lab’s Petite Small Works show in Los Angeles, which he describes as mixed media, modern wall sculptures. While these pieces may be part of a show featuring “small works,” they represent big ideas in terms of innovative modern art, and we’re thrilled that Stuart has such a wonderful venue to showcase them.

Stuart Fingerhut's Nebula light sculpture, which is on a design piece on display at Crooked Tree Arts Center's Hand in Hand: Craft and and New Technologies Exhibition
Nebula light sculpture – on display at Crooked Tree Arts Center’s Hand in Hand: Craft and and New Technologies Exhibition

Outside of his home base of Los Angeles, Stuart’s work is also currently on display at the Crooked Tree Arts Center’s Hand In Hand: Craft and New Technologies Exhibition in Petoskey, Michigan (and it’ll be coming to CTAC’s Traverse City, MI location come April). Stuart’s Nebula light sculpture is being featured at the exhibition, exemplifying his unique eye for lighting design and innovation – a skillset of his that we are well versed in through his work at TVG.

Stuart Fingerhut's wall sculpture entitled 083731, which is a design piece that is representative of the type of sculpture to be highlighted at his Shadow as Witness show, presented by CuratorLove.
“083731” wall sculpture

In case we needed any more convincing of Stuart’s rockstar status, even more of his work is going to be on display at CuratorLove’s Shadow As Witness exhibition, which kicks off in L.A. this March. The exhibition describes its highlighted works as follows:

Shadows, shades, motion, dance, play, stillness, color, and form, all intricately manifested within this exhibition, converge to bring forth timeless aesthetic queries, of beauty, light, heartbreaking realities, urban landscape, and heritage, thus serving to investigate the possibility of calling the material to live. 

design collage image featuring four separate art pieces from Stuart Fingerhut's SHAPES IN SPACE solo exhibition. Pieces portrayed in image include three modern wall sculptures and an additional quadratic installation art piece.
Selected works from Stuart’s SHAPES IN SPACE solo exhibition

Whether it be fun or functional, Stuart always a provides a unique and fresh perspective through his work here at The Visionary Group, and it is an absolute pleasure to see the masses enjoying and appreciating everything that he has to offer to the creative community.

Keep up with Stuart on Instagram and LinkedIn, and be sure to check out his work at the following exhibitions:

Petite Small Works at The Vast Lab – 5151 Whitsett, Los Angeles, CA 91607 (Runs 2/9 – 3/17)

Hand in Hand: Craft and New Technologies Exhibition At CTAC Petoskey – 461 E. Mitchell Street,
Petoskey, MI 49770 (Runs 1/20 to 3/24), and then at CTAC Traverse City – 322 Sixth Street,
Traverse City, MI 49684 (Runs 4/7 to 5/5)

Shadow as Witness by CuratorLove – 560 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Runs 3/16 – 4/20)